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Stepping Stones

Collages of Stone, Graphite and Soul.

These mystical lake stones speak to me.

They speak of nature’s infinite beauty, truth, and love. Plus they say things like, Betsy, get out of your head and go make some art. 

That self expression feels really good. Since strong themes in my life have been emerging recently.

Connectedness is a big one. As is the universe of goodness inside us.

My yoga practice and unexpected adversity have brought me to a place of investigating life’s mysteries. And now I get to explore that through art. Finding and working with these stones humbles me and gives me peace. My hope is they find new homes to invoke inquiries and spread their magic.

Art comes framed as shown in either natural or a dark stripy bamboo. These 2.5 inch deep frames are ready to hang or sit solidly on a surface. You can even stack them.


Sizes are 4x4, 4x6 or 5x7.

All collages are $95 a piece or 3 for $150 (regardless of size.)

Contact Betsy to purchase or if interested in wholesale sales.

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